Princess Diana's Sons to Inherit Her Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress

Princess Diana's Sons to Inherit Her Fairy-Tale Wedding Dress - Prince Harry and Prince William will soon receive a very meaningful memory of their mother, Princess Diana. On the occasion of Harry's 30th birthday on Sept. 15, he and his 32-year-old brother William are set to inherit their mother's iconic wedding dress, as detailed in Diana's will.

After Diana's shocking death at the age of 36 in 1997, her stunning bridal gown, along with other personal treasures, were put on display at Althorp, the Spencer family's 500-year-old estate in Northampton, England.

Last year, Diana's younger brother, the Earl Spencer, announced he would close the exhibit in 2014 in anticipation of the gown's departure. Spencer told the Telegraph in 2013 that Diana's will stipulated that her belongings be "looked after" by him until both sons turned 30, when the items would be handed over to his nephews.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles (AP Images)

Along with the wedding attire, the collection includes dresses, family jewelry, letters, and home movies. The memorabilia may go back on display at Kensington Palace, where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live, and where Diana resided until her death.

When 20-year-old Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981, the now-famous wedding dress matched the fairy-tale "wedding of the century." The white confection designed by British dress makers David and Elizabeth Emanuel included a 25-foot train, puffed sleeves, and 10,000 pearls and sequins. It was immediately knocked off and copied for years to come.

"Princess Diana's wedding dress was what dreams were made‎ of at the time," NYC-based fashion stylist Robyn Victoria told Yahoo. "It gave the world a peek into the grandeur and splendor of royalty and it lived up to our imaginations. Everything about it was big and over the top, a theme that took flight in the 80s."

Prince William and Kate Middleton (AP Images)
Similar to Diana's famous wedding design, Kate Middleton's bridal gown, created by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen in 2011, was viewed by millions and spawned immediate copies. Middleton's satin-and-lace gown did go on display at Buckingham Palace following the nuptials, which apparently the Queen found "very creepy" because it was worn by a headless mannequin.

Since then, it's been kept at Kensington Palace. "The Duchess had it cleaned and it's packed away in a safe place," a royal aide told the U.K. Express in 2012. "There are no plans for it to go on tour; that's what she has decided. People have had a look and now she wants it for herself as a treasured memory." ( )

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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Handed Down To William And Harry

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Handed Down To William And Harry - Princess Diana had a big present in store for her son Prince Harry’s 30th birthday: her wedding dress.

As stipulated in the late princess' will, the iconic gown will officially be inherited by both of Diana's sons -- Prince William gets to share -- on Harry's big day, Sept. 15, TODAY reports.

Then-Lady Diana Spencer wore the stunning ivory silk and taffeta lace gown, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, during her 1981 nuptials to Prince Charles. The royal couple recited their vows at St. Paul's Cathedral in London in front of hundreds of millions who tuned in to watch on TV.

The Victorian style dress, which was hand-embroidered with over 10,000 tiny mother-of-pearl sequins and pearls, boasted a 25-foot-long train -- the longest in royal history, according to the National Constitution Center.

Needless to say, the dress became an instant legend. It has recently been on a tour around the world and was regularly displayed at her family's estate, Althorp, in Northampton, while in Diana's brother's possession. Women's Day reports there's a hope the princes will put it back on display at Kensington Palace in London, where Diana lived.

Both Prince William and Prince Harry will also inherit other items from the estate of their mother, who died in a car crash in 1997, including personal photos, letters, and jewels. The score and lyrics to Elton John’s adapted version of “Candle in the Wind,” which was performed at her funeral, will also be handed down. ( )

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Prince Harry, New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Take Romantic Saint-Tropez Cruise

Prince Harry, New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Take Romantic Saint-Tropez Cruise - All at sea! Prince Harry and his new girlfriend Camilla Thurlow took their romance to the open waters this past weekend, embarking on a cruise together, Us Weekly can exclusively reveal.

Thurlow, 25, joined the redheaded royal, 29, for a vacation on a luxury yacht, which began on Saturday, Aug. 23, in Saint-Tropez, France with a few friends. They are traveling with pal Ben Goldsmith and his model financée Jemima Jones.

Prince Harry, New Girlfriend Camilla Thurlow Take Romantic Saint-Tropez Cruise

"This trip's partly to celebrate Harry's 30th birthday which is just weeks away," a source explains to Us. Prince William's younger brother will celebrate his milestone 30th on Sept. 15. "It's also because he deserves some time off work to relax and recharge his batteries." Harry has been busy organizing the Invictus Games, held Sept. 10 through 14.

After he was first seen kissing Thurlow at a nightclub in July, Harry chose to bring his new love interest along for his time off. "They stayed in touch via text after the first night they kissed," a second source tells Us, about the couple who was spotted locking lips in London.

"It's a sign that he's really smitten with Camilla that he feels comfortable to invite her away with friends he's known for years," the first insider adds to Us.

The group of pals will be traveling in style, as the impressive liner boasts a luxe master suite, six other bedrooms, an on-deck jacuzzi, gym, swimming platform, and helipad.

After he unwinds, the young royal may be considering what's ahead for him in his personal life. A third source tells Us Weekly that Harry "is keen to settle down" and "thinking about what he wants in life." This reflective period follows Harry's split from longtime girlfriend Cressida Bonas this past April.

Now, his goals could include a future with Thurlow, who is a former Miss Edinburgh and works as a projects officer for The Halo Trust, a UK nonprofit which was once a project close to the heart of Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

Kensington Palace had no comment on the romantic getaway. See more pics of Prince Harry through the years. ( )

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Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men

Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good (Single) Men -I'm sure many men have dreamed of an island completely populated by exotic women. Of course, fantasy is fantasy, but what if it were reality? In a certain regard, it is — in Noiva do Cordeiro, Brazil.

It's a scenic rural town in the hills outside of Belo Horizante with one big quirk, or perk, depending on whom you talk to. This Brazilian town is inhabited and governed almost entirely by women, its population consisting of more than 600 mostly single women aged 20 to 25. Sons are sent away at 18, and spouses are banned from the town except on weekends.

The women of Noiva do Cordeiro in Brazil are on the look-out for a potential spouse

Now the women have made an appeal to bring more single men to the town. But there's one caveat: Men have to follow their rules. OK, that shouldn't be too hard to do. But the truth is that any incoming men have to follow all the guidelines that the women created, from town planning to farming, religion, and more.

The motivation for the way the town is set up is a direct result of its history: The town was founded in 1891 by Maria Senhorinha de Lima, who had been excommunicated as an adultress after leaving a man she had been forced to marry. Over time, she was joined by other single women and female-headed families, and the insular society came into being. In the 1940s, an evangelical pastor, Anisio Pereira, took one of the town's 16-year-old girls as his wife and founded a church there, imposing strict puritanical rules. When he died in 1995, the town's women determined that they would never again be subject to male domination, and they dismantled Pereira's church.

Resident Nelma Fernandes, 23, said, "The only men we single girls meet are either married or related to us…. We all dream of falling in love and getting married. But we like living here and don't want to have to leave the town to find a husband." If Web traffic is any indication of interested possible suitors, it appears that the town's plea worked: Its website went down because of all the visitors to the site. So, fellas looking for an opportunity like this, pack your bags — Brazilian girls are calling. (  )

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She loves playing dress-up: Kate Winslet gets into costume for A Little Chaos as she stars in yet another period drama

She loves playing dress-up : Kate Winslet gets into costume for A Little Chaos as she stars in yet another period drama  - Kate Winslet has starred in her fair share of period dramas and now she is at it again.

The 37-year-old was seen on the set of her latest movie A Little Chaos, dressed in traditional 17th Century costume.

Kate has had a lot of practice at acting in costume dramas and so it was no surprise to see her at such ease as she walked around in her uncomfortable outfit.

Here we go again: Kate Winslet was seen filming period drama A Little Chaos, in Surrey, England, dressed in full costume

Back to the past: Kate sported a rather large colourful hat as she mingled with cast and crew at the stately home

The mother-of-two wore a rather colourful hat as she wandered on the grounds of a stately home in Surrey, England.

The grand surroundings teamed with the long green coat that she was wearing gave the overall desired effect of time and place.

There was also a horse drawn carriage complete with driver to ferry Kate's character around the expansive grounds.

Old school: There was also a horse drawn carriage complete with driver to ferry Kate's character around the expansive grounds

Mixing it up: The 17th Century carriage was out of place with so many present day workers around it

One fine day: Alan Rickman, who stars in the film and also directs it, was seen surveying the area

A Little Chaos stars Winslet as a landscape garden designer in competition with a rival played by Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts.

The two green fingered impresarios compete for the right to design a fountain at the Palace of Versailles, France, for Louis XIV.

The project, which has taken five years to bring to the big screen, is directed by Alan Rickman.

Taking a closer look: Director Rickman was not in character, although he plays the role of King Louis in the film

Black box: The movie, which is set in Versaille, France, was being filmed in Surrey, England

The British actor is also starring in the movie as the legendary King Louis, and marks the second period drama that he has worked on with Winslet since 1995 hit film Sense and Sensibility. 

Kate has been enjoying something of an extended honeymoon since her December 2012 marriage to third husband Ned Rocknroll, 34, the nephew of Virgin tycoon Sir Richard Branson.

The couple wed in New York with the bride given away by her Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kate has a daughter Mia, 11, from her first marriage to production assistant Jim Threapleton, and a son Joe, nine, with her second husband, Skyfall director Sam Mendes.

Flashback: Rickman and Winslet in the 1995 hit film Sense and Sensibility ( )

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Crowned with flowers, and dripping in gold, spectacular photo-diary follows the Buddhists who go from carefree children to shaven-headed monks in just a day

From boys to monks : Crowned with flowers, and dripping in gold, spectacular photo-diary follows the Buddhists who go from carefree children to shaven-headed monks in just a day  - These amazing pictures show Saw Win Gy and The The Win as they become ordained as Buddhist monks - The 'Going Forth' ceremonies mark the occasion they begin to become immersed in Buddhist teachings - The celebrations begin with the boys being made up in resplendent dress before they have their heads shaved

It is one of the most momentous occasions in these young boys' lives - and one of the most important duties their parents are to carry out for them.

Decked head to toe in vibrant costume and made up with lavish jewellery and make-up, these two boys are about to be ordained as Buddhist monks.

Under the Theravada form of Buddhism, widely practised in Thailand and Sri Lanka, the children are ordained during initiation ceremonies known as the 'Going Forth'. Afterwards they become immersed in Buddhist teachings, potentially for the rest of their lives.

Saw Win Gy and The The Win wake up early on the first day of the Ta Pew initiation ceremony to be carefully made-up by their mothers

On the morning of the shaving ceremony one of the boys gets carefully made up by his mother

Saw Win Gy and The The Win get dressed by their mothers. Gold and jewellry is used to remind of the rich past of Prince Siddharta

The The Win's mother disentangles a snarl of trinkets with which she will adorn her child

This remarkable collection of pictures follows ten-year-old Saw Win Gy and The The Win, 12, as they are ordained into the Buddhist tradition at the Mae La refugee camp, in Thailand.

Photographer Vincezo Floramo captured the images during the Ta Pwe celebrations, where, as part of the ordination, at least 40 children had their heads shaved at the camp during a full moon in March. 

Saw Win Gy and The The Win are two Karen boys who went through the festivities, which begin on the eve of Ta Pwe with dances and musicians performing, while the families offer tea for the guests.

During the first day of the festivities the children were carried on the shoulders of family members around the camp, stopping off at the homes of friends and relatives.Each family will then invited the boys into their home to worship at a Buddhist shrine.

Children are carried around the streets on their parents' shoulders during the Ta Pwe celebrations at the Mae La refugee camp

The two friends have a rest at a friend's home.The visit around the camp is taking its toll

At the Mae La refugee camp, during Ta Pwe celebrations, children are carried on their parents' shoulders around the streets. In this photo Saw Win Gy is pictured on his uncle's shoulders

Musicians playing traditional drums and bamboo sticks perform in a parade just behind the two children

The two boys take the chance the to relax and share an intimate moment in the early morning of the day of the shaving ceremony

The The Win performs the guest invitation ceremony on a small Buddha Shrine

The two friends invite a guest to the shaving initiation. The guest accepts by wetting his face

Saw Win Gy and The The Win honour the Buddhist Shrine in a friend's home

The The Win waits for his turn for an outdoor shower after a long day touring around the camp

The big day itself starts with a procession to the monastery, with the young boys dressed in resplendent silks embroidered with gold.

The ritual symbolises the Prince Siddharta Gutamama's departure from the royal palace, with its sensuous pleasures and luxuries, as he left his wife and newborn son in search of the Four Noble Truths.

Once at the monastery, the monks, who preside over the ceremony, shave the heads of the boys, who exchange their princely dress for white robes and recite the Ten Precepts.

The The Win gets ready to start the walking parade to the monastery for the ceremonial shaving

The families of the young boys follow the procession to the Buddhist Monastery of Mae La refugee camp

Saw Win Gy at the monastery where all the children wait to have their head shaved

Saw Win Gy has his head shaved by a monk at the Thirisanda Buddhist Monastery at Mae La refugee camp

Having swapped their princely garb for white robes, Saw Win Gy and The The Win recite the Ten Precepts

It is at this point the boys receive their saffron robes, which they are helped into by monks.

At the end of the ceremony, the parents throw a mix of coins, sweets and popcorn into the air as an offer to the participants.

The boys are then given their alms bowls and palm-leaf fans by their parents, who then have to part with their children for the first time as they start their new lives as monks.

The Mae La camp is home to some 45,000 people, and is the largest of nine camps along Thailand's border with Burma.

When the ceremony is finished and the children become monks, parents throw popcorn, candy and coins into the air

The The Win at the end of the ceremony. His family will leave him in the monastery where he will be 'alone' for the first time

The parents of the children bow in a sign of respect

Saw Win Gy receives the saffron robe and is helped by a monk to wear it properly

The abbot of the Thirisanda Buddhist Monastery instructs the newly initiated young monks on what they can expect of their monastic life ( )

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Saturn's Rings and Moons are Solar System Antiques

Saturn's Rings and Moons are Solar System Antiques - The dazzling rings of Saturn and its moons are likely more than 4 billion years old — the cosmic remnants of the solar system's birth, scientists say.

The finding comes after a new study of observations from NASA's Cassini spacecraft orbiting Saturn, which suggests that the planet's rings and moons formed at the same time as the rest of the solar system's planetary bodies soon after the sun sparked into life. Since Saturn's rings and moons formed from the same planetary nebula of gas and dust around the early sun that led to the solar system's other planets, they are a time capsule of sorts for astronomers, the researchers said.

"Studying the Saturnian system helps us understand the chemical and physical evolution of our entire solar system," Cassini scientist Gianrico Filacchione, of Italy's National Institute for Astrophysics in Rome, said in a statement. "We know now that understanding this evolution requires not just studying a single moon or ring, but piecing together the relationships intertwining these bodies."

Filacchione and his colleagues analyzed data from Cassini's visual and infrared mapping spectrometer, or VIMS, to understand the distribution of water ice and colors across Saturn's rings and moons. Different colors in the rings and moons provide evidence of non-water organic materials, while water ice is a vital clue into the timeline that led to the formation of the Saturnian system, the researchers said.

Observations from VIMS showed that there is too much water ice in the Saturn system to have been dumped there by comets or other more recent means, leading the researchers to conclude that the water ice must have formed around the time the solar system did.

The researchers also discovered that the surfaces of Saturn's moons typically get redder the farther away they orbit the huge planet. Some of these outer moons, like Hyperion and Iapetus, may have been coated with reddish dust shed by Phoebe, a small, retrograde moon believed to have originated in the Kuiper Belt, the researchers said.

Meanwhile, parts of the planet's main ring system may have been painted with a more subtle reddish hue by meteoroids slamming into the Saturnian system. That red may be a sign of oxidized iron (rust) or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, compounds that could give rise to more complex molecules, the researchers said.

The scientists were surprised to observe reddish tones on the potato-shaped moon Prometheus, which orbits in an area where moons are generally more whitish in color. The finding hints that Saturn's rings may have given rise to some of the planet's moons.

"Scientists had been wondering whether ring particles could have stuck together to form moons — since the dominant theory was that the rings basically came from satellites being broken up," study researcher Bonnie Buratti, a VIMS team member based at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., said in a statement. "The coloring gives us some solid proof that it can work the other way around, too."

The research is detailed in the March 26 edition of the Astrophysical Journal.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft launched toward Saturn in 1997 and arrived in orbit around the ringed planet in 2004. The spacecraft completed its primary mission in 2008 and is currently in the midst of its second extended mission, which runs through 2017. ( )

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